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Cfast™ Cosmetic Tooth Alignement (Clear Bracket Braces) - Rowlett, TX

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About Cfast

For adults who never had braces or who need to straighten their teeth, Cfast cosmetic teeth straightening can effectively and discreetly shift the front teeth into an ideal position. Cfast stands for Cosmetically Focused Adult Straight Teeth. It primarily focuses on moving the front teeth at the front of the mouth. This targets the top and bottom teeth to attain a more attractive smile. Using natural-looking brackets and wires, Cfast uses lighter pressure than regular orthodontics, but moves the teeth quicker for less treatment time. Cfast is a lasting solution that is generally more inexpensive than teeth straightening with a aligners. During the patient's first consultation at Dalrock Dental Care at Rowlett, TX, our dentists can discuss orthodontic options, including Cfast.

What to Expect

Before the Cfast brackets are placed, the enamel will be thoroughly polished then dried to improve the bond connecting the teeth and the bracket. Patients should not need any sedation or anesthesia, but it may be discussed with our dentists if the patient has anxiety or a low pain tolerance. The Cfast bonding agent is applied over the enamel and then the bracket is carefully placed. The bond is strengthened using a special curing lamp for a secure fit. As soon as all the brackets are positioned and bonded, the special nickel-titanium wire is threaded through the brackets by our dentists to gently move the teeth into proper position. Any soreness once the Cfast braces are completed or after adjustments by the dentist may be treated with an over-the-counter pain medication, like aspirin or Tylenol®. Generally Cfast braces take around an hour to put on.

Treatment Aftercare

After the Cfast braces have been put on, the patient should continue to follow a proper home oral care regime with daily flossing and brushing to keep their teeth strong and healthy. Patients should visit our dentists at Dalrock Dental Care about once a month to get the their progress assessed and their brackets and wires changed as needed. Most patients only wear Cfast for six months, but this can vary in every patient. Once Cfast is removed, patients will be given a retainer to stop their teeth from drifting out of alignment. Our dentists at Dalrock Dental Care will go over how often to use the retainer and how to care the retainer.

Insurance Coverage

The patient's personal expenses for a Cfast treatment will vary according to their dental insurance coverage. Each insurance company will have different rules and co-pays, so Dalrock Dental Care will talk to the insurance provider and help each patient in deciding their cost. Patients who don't have dental insurance, can talk to our dentists or the staff at Dalrock Dental Care about financing and payment options to make their Cfast treatment affordable.

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Fast and Discreet

To get your smile aligned faster and without obvious metal braces, talk to our dentists about Cfast cosmetic tooth alignment at Dalrock Dental Care in Rowlett, TX. Cfast focuses on straightening the most visible teeth with new technology that uses less pressure, but also takes less time compared to metal orthodontics. Cfast at Dalrock Dental Care can help adult patients who want a more stunning smile without clunky, child-like traditional orthodontics.

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