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Laser Gum Sculpting (Gum Contouring, Periodontal Plastic Surgery) - Rowlett, TX

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About Gum Sculpting

Excess gum flesh can cover the top of the teeth and create a dental issue known as a "gummy smile". This dental concern can be naturally fixed with laser gum sculpting. Many dentists refer to this as periodontal plastic surgery. At Dalrock Dental Care in Rowlett, TX our dentists perform gum contouring using a state-of-the-art laser to easily and safely remove excess gum flesh to expose more of the tooth. While this service is sometimes referred to as an aesthetic treatment, gum treatment with laser also helps a patient's oral health by improving the risk of infection by eliminating areas where bacteria can hide. This improves in lowering the chance for gum disease.

What to Expect

Laser gum reshaping can be accomplished directly inside our dental office in Rowlett, TX using a light sedative to reduce any discomfort. It is common for patients to have fear regarding a dental treatment, so our dentists are prepared to offer sedation for individuals who feel they need it. During the procedure the gums and tooth enamel will be rinsed and thoroughly dried and then the laser will slowly remove sections of gum tissue so that the gumline looks straight. The laser at Dalrock Dental Care also supports to stop bleeding and seal the shape of the gumline.

Treatment Aftercare

The gums and teeth may be sensitive and puffy for several weeks following laser contouring for the gums, but with consistent at-home oral care, the swelling will subside and the gums will heal quickly. Our dentists will discuss the caring instructions along with possible antibiotics to ensure healthy healing. Routine examinations and cleanings at Dalrock Dental Care are recommended to help keep and maintain healthy gums.

Insurance Coverage

A laser contouring treatment for the gums may or may not be covered under insurance. Generally it is considered an aesthetic dental treatment, but some cases may need this treatment for dental care purposes. The billing staff at Dalrock Dental Care will confirm each patient's coverage to determine their out-of-pocket expenses.

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More Tooth, Less Gum

Excessive gum tissue can result in an undesirable smile. Advanced laser gum removal at Dalrock Dental Care in Rowlett, TX can improve this dental condition easily without surgery. In addition to getting a aesthetically appealing new smile, your oral hygiene will also improve, decreasing the chance for periodontal disease. Contact us to schedule an appointment with our dentists for more information.

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